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mow and overseed

11 Apr 2014
Sunny 24°C / 75°F

I mowed on the 10th and overseeded today. Well I mowed about half and then got some chicken wire stuck in the blades and had to stop. Too bad because I really didn’t have that much left to do that wasn’t too soggy to mow. I really needed to get the briar out of there. I used old seeds so I don’t know what the germination rate will be. I know some will take a while to show themselves, but I will go out and take ‘inventory’ this summer and see about ordering more seeds (from Prarie Moon) to overseed in the fall. I might overseed in mid/late oct and then mow to shake/tamp them down to the soil. If I can arrange the time anyway. I am going to try to keep the ragweed and canadian thistle cut back this year but I will probably get too busy to keep up with it. If I can get it just before bloom though that should help. I also plan on altering the path a bit to be a little more winding near the creek.




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