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Harvest for early April

04 Apr 2014
Partly Sunny 13°C / 55°F

Harvested all the Sutherland (main pic) and Red Russian (2) kale ready for clearing and prepping the bed for beetroot and carrot sowing. Sutherland flowering bud shoots are very delicious.

(3) Tatsoi running to flower – had some with other mixed salad leaves (4) which was okay but they are a little bitter compared with the younger leaves.

(5) Last of the overwintered carrots just dug from bed 6. They have a bit of root fly but it is very superficial so not much wastage.

This past week I’ve been trying to get jobs done before I go to visit DS3 and family for 2 weeks.

Mixed border 2 has had a weed and fork over – just a small patch left to do. Tackled the bad patch of couch grass which is in a difficult to access area, between the delphiniums – already 4ft high – and a thorny climbing rose which resulted in my working in a very uncomfortable position, not wanting to snap off the delphs or get mauled by the rose. I’m paying for it today backwise and have only tackled potting up and seed sowing which is easy enough to do seated.

Took delivery of a rose order – 3 for 2 offer – and have planted the floribunda ’Sheila’s Perfume’ in the above border. My first ever floribunda – I tend towards old shrub roses and climbers. The others ordered were both climbers: ‘Bridge of Sighs’ and ‘Handel’. BoSs I’ve heeled in but no Handel! Instead there was a rose called ‘Lady Marmalade’, apparently Rose of the Year 2014, which has vicious thorns. What originally attracted me to the offer was ‘Handel’ which we planted on our farm in Devon, when my husband was alive, so is associated with many happy memories. Guess I’ll have to chase up the supplier on Monday – they still have it on their website.

DS1 gave me a ‘Bowles Mauve’ Erysimum on mother’s day so that has gone into the above border as well, on the east side.

Running out of room on the greenhouse bench and shelf as seedlings are potted up: tagetes; scabious; cosmos; salvias; hollyhock; lettuce; erysimum; peppers; various brassicas etc; and more sown, latest being 3 different sunflowers: ‘Toy shop’ ‘Jammie Dodger’ and ‘Ruby Eclipse’. Same in the conservatory with potted up tomatoes everywhere. I used to think ‘when the greenhouse is up I’ll have plenty of room’….so where is it all?




It’s all too easy to fill all of the space one has!! Everything looks delicious!
Bummer about ‘Handel’ not coming in the order – hopefully you can get that sorted out with the supplier.

Posted on 07 Apr 14 (over 5 years ago)

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