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17 Aug 2013
Clear 14°C / 57°F

Once again, work and parenthood has got the better of the garden – not helped by the loss of my entire vegie patch last summer to some bouncy local wildlife.

Nothing like clear late winter days and a few free Saturdays to re-ignite the passion.

My kind MIL has helped clear debris and weeds over the past few weeks, and yesterday was planting day. I’m being realistic about what I can manage, and stuck with prickly natives on the back verge, hoping the wallabies won’t like them, and a few perennial fruits that I’ve been dreaming about for a few years. We also moved a couple of strugglers to more sunny spots (we planted them when we were new here and didn’t know the annual sun patterns yet). Hoping they will survive the move – still a few more to move yet.

Hopefully later in the season we’ll build a stronger fence and get a few vegies in the patch but for now I’m feeling very satisfied :)




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