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Pear, Fern & Crocosmia updates

14 Mar 2013
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The pineapple pear by the old compost pile is growing strong, but the Keiffer pear hasn’t broken dormancy yet. I’m worried that the flood may have killed it. I should know for sure within the next month or so.

The autumn ferns overwintered, but the southern wood ferns went dormant after the first hard frost, and recently broke dormancy. The Christmas ferns have made babies, but I didn’t get a good shot of them.

The Croscosmia are looking great! I’m thinking about putting up some supports for them soon, so that they don’t get flattened before blooming like they usually do.




Fingers crossed for your pear tree. All six lavenders in the front yard are dead following the very wet couple of weeks we had. And no sooner do I replace them with something that likes the wet and we will be sure to head into another dry spell. Gardening is not for the faint of heart!

Posted on 16 Mar 13 (about 6 years ago)

It made it! I was doing my daily garden walk today, and saw swelling buds and others that are already showing the green of new leaves. YAY!!!
Too true. So sorry to hear about your lavenders. We’ve been going through the too wet — too dry — too wet seesaw here, too, lately. It makes it very challenging to find “the right plant for the right place” when conditions vary so extremely!

Posted on 18 Mar 13 (about 6 years ago)

Excellent! If it made it through that inundation, it might be tough enough to survive worse when it is older.

Posted on 18 Mar 13 (about 6 years ago)

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