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Tomato varieties to plant this year

29 Jan 2013

Still hashing out the grow list here. Not a lot of space to grow in, so I’m trying to select ones that are known for good flavor and also able to handle clay soil, ones that can handle part shade, and ones that can handle heat. And due to space constraints, compact & dwarf varieties sound good too. Disease resistance is also helpful. I’m sure we have both blights and wilt diseases in this area.

Shade tolerant:
Riesentraube because I’ve seen it producing in 60% shade
Sunset’s Red Horizon because of reports that it yields in part shade
Stupice- some say it handles shade well
Black Plum Paste, if I can get seeds for it
Several kinds of currant tomato…
(Mexico Midget, Sweet Pea currant, etc) because they can handle all the above conditions including partial shade.

Locally adapted:
Porter & Porter Improved. Both were bred for TX conditions.
“Yummy”. From a local farmer’s market, and also my son & wife love its flavor.

Disease resistant:
If I had seeds for “Indian Stripe Potato Leaf” I’d grow it instead of CP.
Since I don’t have Indian Stripe PL, I’ll sow Purple Russian or Prudens Purple.
Yellow Brandywine, Platfoot Strain is said to be disease resistant & delicious, so I may grow it and see how it does. Or I might plant Fuzzy Garden Peach, which is also said to be disease resistant.

Japanese Black Trifele and Black Prince are likely to be sown because they are said to be disease resistant, pest resistant, crack resistant and compact in plant size.

Compact plants & dwarfs:
Totem, Tiny Tim, Polish Dwarf, Super Bush, Siberia, Bush Goliath, Maja, Hahms gelbe, Vis, Yellow Canary etc. for growing in containers on my deck.

Marvel Striped is from Mexico, so it should do OK with heat.
Big rainbow may get sown because it is said to be disease resistant.
I may also grow Vintage Wine because it’s rare, and so I can compare the performance of these 3 bicolors.

Heat tolerant:
Rouge d’Irak (from Iraq, nuff said.)
Green Grape: Handles heat, and may fool the birds too!
Isis Candy- if I have space for it.
Burzstyn: Handles heat better than Jaune Flammee, which it resembles
Crven (rare)- maybe. Or maybe Costoluto Genovese. Not sure which yet.
Brandywine Noire & Black from Tula: both said to handle heat well, and the black color intrigues me.

Humidity tolerant:
Neves Azorean.
Damayanti from India, if I can get seeds for it.
Murray Smith, or Ceylon. Unsure whether to sow them now, or wait till Midsummer and sow ’em then for planting as Fall/Winter tomatoes, since we get most of our wet & humid weather in Fall & Winter.

Keeper tomato: Nepal.

Never heard of it before tomato: Poil blanc. Rare plant, so I need to either grow it out or find it a home.

Would love to try out KBX, JD’s Special C-Tex, Creole, Tlacolula Pink, Florida Everglades, Thai Pink Egg, Zapotec, Galapagos, Teds Pink currant, and White Currant because they are all adapted well for my region. But I don’t have the seeds nor the $ to buy them.

Any other tomato variety suggestions for my growing conditions are welcome. :)



Having tried about fifty varieties here in the Hill Country, Zapotec Pleated, Garden Peach, Speckled Siberian, Hong Yuen, Early Ssubakas Aliana, and Isis Candy have performed well for us in the drought and heat. We had good success in the past with Black Plum Paste and Red Currant in partial shade.

If you go online to they will send you free heirloom tomato seeds with a SASE, and even more with a small donation.

Posted on 31 Jan 13 (over 5 years ago)

Cool to hear from you again flowerweaver!! TY for the input and the suggestion on seed sourcing :)

Posted on 31 Jan 13 (over 5 years ago)

I’m giving Red Mortgage Lifter a try this year. It’s an OP large pleated tomato that I’ve read does very well in hot/humid conditions, including lots of disease resistance. It’s an indeterminate, though. Here’s its Dave’s Garden page.

Posted on 31 Jan 13 (over 5 years ago)

redloon- Nice. … If I had seeds of that, I’d probably grow it too.
However, I refuse to buy another tomato seed packet this year since I already have 20+ tomato varieties in my stash that I can grow at no further cost!

Posted on 31 Jan 13 (over 5 years ago)

It sounds like you already have a ton of different varieties to try in your compact yard! But if you’d like to try RML send me a message with your address and I’ll mail you some seeds. (How many seeds are you planning to sow of each variety? I haven’t opened my packet yet, so I’m not sure how many are in there.)

Posted on 31 Jan 13 (over 5 years ago)

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