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16 Jan 2013
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The first pic is my current idea. The next three are real photos of the space. The last is my sage from last spring. :)

It is on the west side of my house so it gets afternoon sun and most would qualify at the low end of “full sun” but the corner by the deck is more on the high side of part shade. I am on the border of 5b and 6a zones. The circles in the pic are a walkway to get to everything. The black areas are the deck and the curved edges of the garden. (I have columbine and ferns under the deck).

anyway the pic is the layout I have so far. Across the walk I also have sage and thyme (english and lime, might put french and lemon on the other side of the house), and I have rosemary (suppost to be hardy in 6, but I put it on the east side to keep it from the worst of the wind, looks really nice and green right now in jan). I have sage on the other side of the walk. The mint will be in a half whiskey barrel. The lemon balm (or lemon verbena if it survives) will be contained as well.

So I don’t know what else to add to fill it in . Any suggestions? More varieties of what I already have/am getting?




Unless you don’t like their anisey flavor- How about some anise, licorice, or anise hyssop.

I know you already have sage but you could add a Tricolor Variegated Sage for show. :)

You might want a few salad herbs in there such as Burnet,
French sorrel ‘Silver Shield’ -Rumex scutatus,
Arugula, Mizuna, Radiccio, Frisee Endive.

Perhaps a catnip or catmint plant in between the wormwood and the parsley, if you have a cat.

Posted on 17 Jan 13 (over 6 years ago)

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