Seed Swaps

Bean Sprouts

30 Aug 2012

Ahead of schedule, the asparagus beans (long beans) have sprouted, jumping up two inches seemingly overnight after being in the ground less than a week. Of course it has been reaching 100F every day in my garden. Meanwhile the sunflowers are developing small buds at the top of their stalks, and have reached 80% of the expected 5 foot height. In a twisted sisters plan, I hope to encourage the long beans to climb the sunflowers. I expect to lose a few sprouts through insect damage, as I did with the sunflowers. Some of the sunflowers just did not get big enough fast enough to survive the crickets. But I have inserted bamboo poles to support the beans where there are gaps in the sunflower row.

1. East Wall Asparagus bean seedlings
2. West Wall Asparagus bean seedlings
3.West Wall Asparagus bean seedlings
4. Sunflowers reach four feet
5. Flower buds forming on all plants, even the shorter ones.




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