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Bloom Day: August

15 Aug 2012
Sunny 37°C / 98°F

Receiving Bloom Day honors this month: Sweet Autumn Clematis. It was a true pest in its original location, needing to be constantly hacked back so that it wouldn’t damage the roof over our back patio. In March this year, I transplanted it to a spot to the right of the gate in the fence separating our front yard from the back. It struggled at first, probably because I didn’t cut back enough of the top to keep that in balance with the reduced root system from transplanting. But it’s bouncing back nicely now, is covered in buds, and the first few flowers have started to bloom. (Photos #1-2)

Photos #3-5 highlight some of the native plants that are blooming in my yard at the moment: Georgia Savory, Rudbeckia fulgida, and Coral Honeysuckle.




Soooo many beautiful blooms! I particularly like that coral honeysuckle.

Posted on 16 Aug 12 (almost 7 years ago)

I’m a huge fan of coral honeysuckle! I bought it this spring at the South Carolina Native Plant Society’s plant sale, and it’s been growing slowly but steadily ever since, and has also steadily produced new blooms throughout our hot summer. I’ve read that it’s evergreen, which is always a nice feature in wintertime. I’m still in search of a sturdy but reasonably priced independently-standing trellis for it to climb, to enable us see its blooms while looking through our sun room windows, especially since the blooms are supposed to attract hummingbirds!

Posted on 17 Aug 12 (almost 7 years ago)

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