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Mutant 'Sungold'...? My mystery tomatoes.

27 Jul 2012
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My Earthbox tomatoes have been going great. The ‘Sweet 100’ have been going nuts from the beginning and the ‘Sungold’ is catching up. I noticed distinct differences between the two early on.

The ‘Sungold’ has grown oddly from the start despite looking perfectly healthy otherwise:

  • severely curved stems that straighten out later
  • deformed leaves
  • “webbed” stems

It also had MUCH larger blooms of less quantity. I figured it was just a difference in variety. Now that I have sizable fruit of 2" across, I’m starting to wonder what exactly is really growing. Either there was a nursery label mix-up or I am growing monster cherry tomatoes.

Can’t wait to see what they ripen to!




those dont look like sungold.

Posted on 27 Jul 12 (over 6 years ago)

Which is a total bummer because I was looking forward to them!
Hopefully this surprise will yield something equally delicious.

Posted on 27 Jul 12 (over 6 years ago)

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