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16 Jul 2012
Sunny 32°C / 89°F

1. Poppy pods.
2. Hemerocallis ‘flaming sword’
3. Cosmos ‘purity’. I can’t stop taking images of this plant. It’s providing sooo many blooms!
4. Filependula. A gift from my friend Paula….2 tiny plants struggled along but this year it is robust and gave me 5 blooms.
5. Sweet pea ‘cupani’. Still not a satisfactory image but I was too tired to keep trying. I’ll try another day

I had to turn on the soaker hoses to water ALL brassicas, chard, zucchini, beans.
I had to water by hand, that is….lugged buckets/watering can (hose #2 doesn’t reach these:) to sunflowers in various locations….kohlrabi, turnips, rutabaga, beets, carrots, basil, pumpkin and a tomato in a container.
Used second hose to water some hostas, LARGE Container Garden and yet another tomato in a container.
I’m surprised how well the major tomato patch does without any watering. Yes, it is mulched with that breathable, allows-water-to-seep-in, black sheet mulch…. but still. I’ll have to stick my hand under there and down into the bed to see if it is indeed, still moist.
I staked sunflowers.
Did a bit of hand weeding. The strawberry plants are nicely weeded and I ‘located’ runners that have started. They’re very cooperative.
Found the top of another raspberry cane gone victim to Raspberry Cane Borer. Cut and burned it.
I think I’m going to have to start harvesting garlic tomorrow. I can’t believe how early it’s ready.




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