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15 Jul 2012
Rainy 22°C / 72°F

The weather has been damp, showers rather than rain, the pressure and humidity changing as the showers came through but no wind, and no thunder.

I have been so busy posting pictures catching up on what started flowering while I was away that I thought I might not have any thing new for Bloom Day. A walk around the garden dispelled that idea. But first indoor plants – the orchids, Twin Little Pink was just beginning to bloom before I went and Twin Little Yellow opened its first flower while I was away.




Love the pink orchid – so delicate. I was glad of some rain yesterday – saved having to run round with the hose and watering can – but we got ours with loud claps of thunder, and our temps (of course) were about 6 degrees cooler than yours. Looks like the heat’s returning though today.

Posted on 16 Jul 12 (almost 4 years ago)

Wow you have fabulous flowers indoors and out.

Posted on 16 Jul 12 (almost 4 years ago)

‘Twin Little Pink’ is charming.

Posted on 17 Jul 12 (almost 4 years ago)

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