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You're invited to a garden party

08 Jul 2012
Cloudy 26°C / 79°F

We’re getting ready for our annual garden party— any Folians in Chicago on the 15th are invited—DM me for details). The picture is from last year’s.

Aside from just it’s nice to have a party, the garden party makes you take a critical look at the site and do some work! Hence the redone path, repaired patio, and the new water feature.

Yesterday we fixed the compost bin using pallets that we’ve been collecting. It’s not quite completed— we made the “done” side, and still need to find another pallet so we can do the “cooking” side. It looks really nice (second pic), and the compost we’ve been making is gorgeous. Additions are breaking down in 10 days or less. The only thing still uncooked from my last addition a little over a week ago were some avocado skins. Even the seeds were gone.

I’ve been trying to see if I can rejuvenate some of the perennials that bloomed early and are now done. The early summer pushed everything up about two weeks. We generally time the party to the garden’s peak, but this year it seems to be peaking right now.



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