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01 Jul 2012
Sunny 29°C / 85°F

Re-sowed bush beans,… ‘contender’ this time as I accepted neighbors gift of viable seeds.

I’ve grown the plant in image #1 for many years…..mistakenly calling it a buttercup because my grandfather name it that when he gave it to me. Eventually, I learned it’s a primrose… evening primrose, I thought. My long-time gardener neighbor, friend/sister informed me it was a morning primrose. Google gives me images for both and I promise to research more but can anyone clear this up for me? Totally in your debt.

Whenever I find a chunk of white quartz in my diggings, I add it to my Grotto Garden in an attempt to form a ‘waterfall’ (artistically speaking). I think it’s coming along very nicely.

Lobelia is blooming.

It’s always a good day when I can identify an un-named variety or mystery plant. My hemerocallis, cheddar cheese color bloom is ‘orange prelude’ and what I thought was gaillardia aristata ‘arizona sun’ is actually another ‘burgundy’. I can live with that and even prefer it. The clump in my House South Garden is blooming.

Just a short, lovely rain shower appeared this afternoon, just what I needed for my newly planted beans. Sometimes, a gardener does win the roll of the dice.

A bouquet: hemerocallis ‘prelude orange’ & ‘stella d’oro’, monkshood, baptista, perennial foxglove, gaillardia, bleeding heart, hosta and last peony bud of the season.




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