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Mexico Garden June 23-July 7, 2012

28 Jun 2012
Rainy 27°C / 81°F

Notes on what I am doing, what remains to be done….

When we arrived, the garden plants were generally doing very well, especially those that needed additional supplements to help with yellow leaves. Last trip, I put out generous amounts of Sluggo, a pelleted form of iron phosphate that helps with control of slugs and snails. Additionally, many plants benefit from the additional iron and phosphorus that are provided by the pellets.

It’s rainy season so it rains just about everyday. And we’ve had several days of very very heavy rains. We’re missing the old version of rainy season with its sunny days and rainy nights. Evidently there’s some hurricane action in the gulf of mexico that’s leading to more rain here.

New Plants: Climbing Geranium and lavender plants from the Jardin Etnobotanica

Info on Climging Geranium: The Ivy leaf Geranium, Pelargonium peltatum, has long stems which can be used as a trellis climber, or left to trail over the ground or hang from a basket. Flowers are white, pink, red and single or double during spring and summer. It prefers a warm and sunny position with well-drained soil, is drought tolerant, and grows well in most coastal areas with only moderate protection.

Biggest problem in the garden: hundreds of nasturtium seeds have sprouted and have to be pulled before they bloom/make more seeds.

Work for this trip: pull up all of the nasturtiums, neaten the edges of the bed, remove the grass that’s crawling into the beds (on top of the ground and underneath), fertilize, put out Sluggo, shape plants that are leggy/shaggy, move plants that are in the wrong place, start work on the line of lavender to go along the outside wall to the street. Additionally, need to use neem solution and pruning to interrupt the cycle of the flies that cause curled/twisted leaves on the fruit trees. Also, I want to start photographing the garden areas and plants to have a record of where it was this season.

New Insight on Lavender Bed Near the Wall to the Street: The jasmine plant near the patio is in full bloom and smells wonderful. (It’s doing much better since it got a dose of Sluggo’s iron phosphate last trip.) We realized that it would be pleasant to have another jasmine plant in the larger section of the garden to have the delicious aroma on both sides of the house. Thus, a new plan for the line of plants to run along the fence to the outside street: a jasmine plant in the center and a line of lavender plants on both sides… about 3 feet between each plant. We have 4 lavender plants now and need to get the jasmine if we can this trip. I don’t want to put a lot of time/energy/money into pulling up the grass for that new bed until we return later in the summer, so for now, I’ll just make small spaces for each plant. At least with all the rain, it’s easier to pull grass.

New Insight #2: I wanted to put neem on the ground underneath several of the fruit trees to work its magic on insights that live part of their lives in the ground before moving into the trees. I don’t have a good sprayer here so I dreamed up just mixing up the neem in a bucket to pour on the ground and then I could take some of the solution to use in the small hand sprayers to cover the leaves. I want to try this method in Atlanta for the fruit trees there.

June 24: pulled a trash can full of invasive grass and nasturtium sprouts (handfuls of nasturtiums, dozens and dozens and dozens of sprouts), fertilized original tangerine tree and bouganbillas, put sluggo on all of the bed right beside the patio.

June 25: cut back the fennel to give the red pentas more room to breath, pulled grass and the much reduced nasturium sprouts

June 26: pulled grass and a few nasturium sprouts, composted, moved society garlic over to the new bed with the lime tree and the strawberries, added a small basil plant to that same bed, put another lavender plant in the lavender bed in front of the living room window. The gardeners were here to cut the grass… even with the weeding that remains, just having the grass and edges of the beds neater helped my feelings.

June 27: pulled grass and a few nasturtium sprouts, composted, remembered that I had heeled in two lavendar plants last trip to use in the planned lavender bed by the wall to the street, neemed the soil and leaves of the fruit trees, planted a climbing geranium (magenta) in the corner of the outside wall and the wall to our neighbor’s house, manged to stick my thumb in my left eye and irritate it.

June 28: pulled grass and a few nasturtium sprouts, composted. Too busy in town visiting with Ed to do much gardening. Rainy, too.

June 29: pulled grass and another handful of nasturtium sprouts, composted, started removing the big old now ugly fennel to give more room for the red pentas plant. I’ll need the help of the gardeners to get the roots out because the fennel is so big and old and hard to pull.

June 30, July 1, July 2, July 3 pulled grass and nasturtiums sprouts

June 30</> Had gardeners come to pull up grass and add tierra negra along the outer wall for the final bed area in the new garden. I’ve planned a row that starts with alyssum + 3 lavender plants + a single jasmine bush + 3 lavender plants + alyssum…. to add aroma as well as color as well as food source for pollinators

July 4 pulled grass, pulled nasturtium sprouts, completed the sets of lavender plants near the wall

Next time: need purple/lavender alyssum, perhaps a replacement buganbilla, and certainly a jasmine bush (not a climbing vine)




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