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Cold and frosty nights....

26 Jun 2012
Cloudy 11°C / 52°F

Although the nights have been cold and frosty with plenty of ice crunching frosts in the mornings, with more to come over the next month or so, the days havent been too bad. At least the sun has been shining and warm when out of the blasted wind.

Tomorrow is a day full of planting in a reveg. area about 25 minutes or so away.. It will be full of Leptospermums (Tea Trees), a few Allocasurinas ( she-oaks) and Carex appressas (Tall Sedges).

If I can get the chance tomorrow, I will take some photos of the area as so far its looking rather good. :-)

I might just add here, one of the group had been along the track we are planting out in and some of the tree guards and stakes had been removed. No damage done really, but she said it had looked as if kids had done it due to school holiday boredom. She and her son had fixed them up the best they could without any thing to hammer the stakes back in with. So guess tomorrow it will be a touch up job with them. Plenty of helpers tomorrow so it will be all sorted.




I’d love to see photos! This sounds wonderful!

Posted on 26 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)


Folia Helper


yes it is wonderful, just hoping to get some photos of it tomorrow, if not, will try and get there over the weekend to take them.. just depends on how the day goes…

Posted on 26 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

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