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After the Rain...

24 Jun 2012
Sunny 24°C / 76°F

It rained quite heavily overnight. If I had known, I would have saved myself a garden watering on Friday. But not to complain…..the rain timed itself to not interfere with my visit to DD.

The rain did wreak havoc with my taller growing plants…..mystery-probabably-another-knapweed in Center Perennial Garden, Monkshood in Vernal Pond Stump Garden, Foxglove in Kidney Garden, filependula ‘rubra’ in Grotto Garden. Monkshood and esp. foxglove just don’t look as good when they have to be staked. No more swaying in a breeze. But it had to be done.

The rain is humbling to one’s weeding efforts. Friday’s hand weeding is a thing of the past with new growing-close-to-the-plants weeds appearing. But, it’s still a good year for me.

I cut back blooms that are turning to seed: bistort, peony (bloom period is so fleeting), bearded iris, centurea ‘montana’.

I trimmed the two ninebark and the french lilac.

Chopped and composted all organic material collected in my ‘clean-up’.

Took a stab as filling in ‘blank’ areas that would be remedied with one growing plant. Used calendula and zinnia. They might produce, they might not. This is something I deal with each year. Not so distracting this year. I’m taking it in stride.

I don’t have confidence my snow peas are going to produce this year or my sweet peas, for that matter. It won’t ‘mar’ the gardens per se but I will miss having them to cut.

Sempervivum arachnoideum (x2) is blooming. The Sempervivum is a real surprise but I guess it’s still got it’s greenhouse ‘high’. Next year will be the real test to see if it blooms after a year in my garden.

Stella d’Oro is blooming

I’ve already posted trollius bloom but it is doing the best EVER! I think it’s a slow grower/producer.




Nice blooms. I have tried and tried to grow trollius (it was one of my mother’s favourite plants) with no success. One of these days I will find the perfect spot in my garden and will hopefully look like yours.

Posted on 24 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

Mine gets a good deal of shade and is a tad moist soil. And….it doesn’t like to be moved. Try it!

Posted on 24 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

Pretty Sempervivum flower.

Posted on 26 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

Thanks, seeingreen. I think so too, seeing green. Living in maine….it’s always a surprise to me when I get an outdoor succulent to bloom. Like I said above, no credit to me, this season.

Posted on 27 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

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