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The Prodigal Tomato

23 Jun 2012
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My youngest (15) daughter has been away for a few months, at a program for troubled youth, but she came home this weekend and brought me a tomato plant. She has been working in their horticulture program. Considering how much she hates to help me in the garden, I am a little shocked, but pleased. She held the pot for the 2-hour car trip.

It has purple veining, so maybe it is a purple tomato? We’ll see. She didn’t ask for the name of it. (I doubt she knows how many different kinds there are.) I put it in a 5-gallon-ish pot with a stake. If it is indeterminate, I may have to give it a cage and put it in a bigger tub. I want to be sure to take good care it it, so she can see the tomatoes next time she comes home. It is late planting out, but with some coddling it should still produce.




Best of luck … to you, your daughter and the tomato!

Posted on 24 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

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