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22 Jun 2012
Rainy 17°C / 63°F

Most of today’s work was digging out the goutweed. First I forked it out, shook the soil off, and chucked it into the wheelbarrow. Then I sat and combed through the churned-up soil with a hand fork and pulled out any pieces of root I could still find. I managed to get through about 1/3 of the area, and took a barrowload of goutweed roots (and a bit of bindweed) to the invasive weeds dump.

There are still daylilies (with flower buds on them) and irises clumped in this bed, and I’m torn about whether to take them out or not. They need to be divided anyway, so I may as well dig them up , take out as much of the goutweed root system as I can find, and then maybe put them back in. I don’t know. I’m worried that they’ll harbour goutweed in their roots. I’d also like to wait until after the daylilies have bloomed.

I also managed to sow some herbs: dill, parsley, and chervil. I was glad to see the peas and beans coming up, and I gave the climbing peas some more support by tying strings across the bamboo lattice.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be rainy, which is fine because I’m working anyway, and on Sunday we have our Community Garden monthly Work Party, so no time to work on my own plot. Monday, though… if the rain holds off, I’ll get back to the goutweed, and by then maybe I can sow some root vegetables (I’ll have to check the moon calendar to see what’s best).




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