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Not so much a "Chilli Reflection" as a "Chilli Edit" or "Chilli Lament"

21 Jun 2012
Rainy 17°C / 63°F

Well it’s cold and rainy outside, and my mood is no better inside this morning: Despite the Pyrethrum, the aphids have put paid to any plans for Chilli Jam, Pickled Chillies, or Peaches and Scream this year

I’ve chosen the healthiest looking plants (although “healthy” is a relative term), and hosed the little buggers down in the shower (fortunately, it’s MrK’s turn to clean the bathrrom this week)… I have picked over every last milimetre of plant and squished wildly: if an aphid remains it deserves to win!

As of now I have the following remaining:

2 Madre de Vieja (moved to the bathroom window-sill, as they were the least infested). I’ve potted these on as well
1 Cajamarca
1 Devils Tongue
1 Zimbabwe Bird
1 Criolla Sella
1 Rocoto (I’ve given this a final spray and isolated it, to see if the poison actually does anything at all, or not)

I may not get anything off them at all this year, but hopefully (if they remain pest free) I’ll have a head start for next!

The Fatalii on the Dining Room Window Sill are deeply unhappy: They’ve been dropping buds, flowers, fruit and leaves despite all of my best efforts. Truth be told, they never really recovered from the last poison spray, and so (with much reluctance) I’ve rconfined them to the Garden Waste bin! Definitely on the wish-list for next year, though (or maybe if I put some in now and aim for an over-winter?)

Some observations:

Having seriously underwatered earlier in the year, I have (once again), overcompensated and the compost is decidedly “cleggy”. I’ve been bottom watering (fewer fungus gnats), but it seems that leaving them standing for 30 minutes is too much: Maybe 15 would be better?

Secondly, the plants are incredibly pot-bound (despite never actually seeing any roots poking out of the bottom, which is my usual method of deciding when to pot on). maybe an experimental tug every now and again?

Thridly, there are no natural predators in The Back Bedroom Grow. The Conservatory at the last house, had the doors open wide for much of the year (weather permitting) and had a healthy hover-fly population, as well as the odd visiting ladybird. Although I’ve been opening the window regularly, the beneficial beasties just haven’t found it very attractive!

Fourthly: Given the current space, i really won’t bother with Annuums next year. I’ll save the “Homemade Mole” for when I’ve got some serious Green House space

Finally… I think I’ll try using the damp paper towel and a jiffy bag technique, before transplanting to peat-free Jiffy pellets for germination: That way I get much more control and can whip things out as soon as they get going

Finally, finally: Maybe need to start thinking about varieties for 2013? All suggestions welcome




Sorry about your chili woes.

Posted on 22 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

Oh dear, that’s bad news, poor chillis

Posted on 24 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

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