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Solstice Heat

20 Jun 2012
Sunny 36°C / 97°F

I had things to do in town and in the house today, but I took advantage of the longest day of the year to work outside for 2 hours before it got dark, and got a surprising amount of work done.

I really don’t mind heat so much, which is odd for a fat girl. I much prefer heat to cold. As long as i am hydrated, dressed to sweat, and have my hair off my neck I can work for hours. I feel almost like the heat lubricates my 51-year-old joints.

I spent most of this evening working in the backyard, which I have mostly ignored this year. I have been focused on renovating the front yard beds. I ripped out a lot of Lemon Balm – it goes crazy if it blooms and reseeds. Cleared weeds from around the compost bins. Organized pots and tools. Set up the hose – I actually have not watered with the hose so far, this year! It has rained a lot and I have two water barrels. But this heat will require some hose.

I am preparing to move my potting bench. It is visible from the front gate, and looks messy. I am putting it along the back of the house, next to the hose bib. Back there I also have a big utility sink I got free on craisglist to hold potting soil. The photo shows it this spring. I set the concrete sink on an old fishtank stand, with the legs on pavers. The weight split the pavers over the winter and it sank into the ground! I have since levered it up and put thick slate under the legs. Once I get the basic pieces set up, I will work on making my work area look “cute,” since it is visible from the patio and a neighbor’s yard. Plenty of DIY yard decor idea on Pinterest.

I have some new plants I have not yet put in the ground. I made two buckets of shallow water, one in the shade an one in the sun, and set the pots in them. The next 2 days are going to be in the upper 90s and they need to stay moist. Watered a lot of other things.

Cut mint and put it in a jar of water in the kitchen – I go through almost 2 half-gallon pitchers of decaf iced tea with fresh mint every day. (Caffeine is dehydrating.) I also cut sage and hung it to dry, clothes-pinned to my dining room chandelier. Cut thyme and laid it out to dry.

I also poked around in several beds out front, yanking weeds and tidying. I am trying to stay on top of weeds in the beds I managed to get organized and mulched. Had a nice chat with the neighbor, who is also the Fire Marshall – poor man got called away to a fire in this heat! He just got a free used riding mower that he repaired and has been testing. He might get a shredder/chipper and we will work on cutting back shrubs in both of our yards. I am forming some nice neighbor connections.

My mother was a hoarder, and the neighbors patiently put up with years and years of horrendous mess visible in the yard, before we were able to intervene. I feel like I owe it to the whole neighborhood to make the yard pleasant to look at. It’s been a process of more than 3 years, so far. I will organize the photos one day, and put up a journal post about clearing the yard.

But now, I am getting a nice cool shower, and going to bed! Tomorrow is another day.




Wow, you certainly had a productive day to say the least.

Posted on 21 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

Oh my goodness … you certainly got a lot done! I’m looking forward to seeing that ‘cute’ potting area!

Posted on 21 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

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