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Sostice gardening

20 Jun 2012
Cloudy 21°C / 70°F

I couldn’t spend today away from the garden, not when the weather’s warm and (kind of) sunny. I tore out the last of the goutweed by hand, intending to dig out that section of garden and screen out the roots. Then I can actually plant in it! Two barrow-loads of invasive weeds, twigs, and roots taken to the dump (the Parks Board picks it up every month).

I sowed another row of climbing peas, and 6 rows of various greens. I watered the peas and beans that I sowed last week, and marked the rows in the hopes of having people, when they tramp over my garden beds, avoiding the freshly-sown areas.

I was able to savour 3 strawberries while standing in the sunny garden, and there will be many more if we can hang on to the sun and heat for a few more days. The garlic scapes can be taken any time now, and there are lots of baby leeks.




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