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Succulent Cuttings from Work

17 Jun 2012
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Bits fall off things and I keep them. Our staff room has a high even temperature, making it perfect for seed starting and rooting, so I do a lot of this stuff on the windowsil at work.

Photo 1: I’m most excited about this, a cactus that was brought in for the plant sale, then someone knocked it over and I picked up the pieces. I placed them on a mix of seed and cutting compost and perlite, watered moderately and waited around 4 weeks for roots to appear, now I have around 5rooted cacti.
A huge thank you to Grenville for identifying this for me as Mammillaria elongata var. stella-aurata. :)

Photo 2: Hylotelephium spectabile (syn. Sedum spectabile) cutting, once again an accident – I don’t break these things on purpose!

Photo 3: Ant on Digitalis purpurea var. alba ‘Apricot Delight’

Photo 4: Clematis ‘Hagley Hybrid’

Photo 5: Aloe aristata flower. :)






Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

Isn’t it great when broken bits of plant root for you & you get something for nothing! :-)) I found lots of “bits & pieces” on the shelves in the supermarket where my wife works. “Unfortunately” that hardly ever happens any longer as most plants come in a cellophane wrapping. :-((

When we lived in Cuenca, Spain, I’d often go for a walk after a summer thunderstorm because I often found bits of broken plants that had been brought down to the street from the balconies & windows above & I managed to root some of them!

I can’t bear to throw away plant material that could possibly be used to propagate another plant!

Posted on 20 Jun 12 (about 3 years ago)

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