Seed Swaps

Out and about in the Community Gardens.

17 Jun 2012
Rainy 12°C / 54°F

A few of us were cleaning up around one the local Scout Hall today and ended up with a trailer load of weeds that went to the tip. Unfortunately, there was a huge Banana Passionfruit growing over the shed and it needed to go. Along with a Cape Wattle that here is classed as a weed. As you will see from picture 4, we will be haunted by this tree for quite a while as in pic. 3 its a huge tree.

Pic. 2 is a view behind the shed and will take a while to clean up as its full of vines that I think is the dreaded English Ivy… There is some growing up the side of the Scout Hall that we have been treating with Round up and it seems to be knocking it back quite well at the moment. Had a bit more of a spraying today as its covering a window to the bathroom and blocking out any sunlight.

I suspect that the dreaded ivy will have to be sprayed and heavily mulched to have any chance of killing it off. The trees will need to be felled at stump level and drilled and filled with roundup to make sure that they are well and truly gone to tree heaven, removing them will only bring up more weeds that arent really needed.

All and all, a fairly good day..and the sun was around with no rain that we have been having for the last few days…..:)

Update: 8th June 2012

The trees have finally gone down to stump level today and now looks even better. Now just for the damned rubbish to be taken away, but that will happen tomorrow instead..




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