Seed Swaps

The attack of the BROWN THUMB.

11 Jun 2012
Cloudy 12°C / 54°F

Ok, well, two perpetual silverbeet sprouted (out of 12), then died. Not even sowing more than I needed saved me from that particular failure. I bought a punnet of 4 perpetual spinach seedlings to replace them, and have planted those into a square foot. It was actually a punnet of 6, as punnets generally are, but two were going the same way my sown ones did. Maybe it’s just not a good year for the chards. The other 4 are healthy. Now if I can just avoid killing them…

The carrots are well up but I want them a little bigger before I transplant. I now have Swede, Radish, Elephant Garlic, Beetroot and Perpetual Spinach in 5 of the squares, with 4 still to fill. The Carrots will go into one of them.




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