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Gardening Bliss over the Long Weekend

09 Jun 2012
Sunny 16°C / 61°F

It has been one of the best weekends I have had in such a longtime and there is still one day left of our long weekend – The Queen’s birthday.
This weekend I realised that “one man’s junk is another person’s treasure”. This is so true of gardening. On Saturday, we went up to Mt Pleasant to remove some agapanthus for Ruth. Ruth loves her roses and the agapanthus stand in her way. This was a bonus for me as I love them. They are such hardy plants and when there is no rain in our summers everything can look rather bleak. The agapanthus put on such a beautiful display with their purple or white balls of flower and their long green leaves. I dont need to look after them much. I think I ended up with 300 bulbs to plant. They will be used to edge garden beds and walk ways. We also drove past many farms which had bags of horse and chicken manure for sale. We picked up a few for our compost heaps. I am sure we will be back for more, in particular the chicken manure leading up to Spring.
Today (Sunday), it started off with a pickup of a garden urn and boot stand which I bought for a very special price on ebay. There are so many treasures people want to get rid off. The previous owner even pointed out some small defect on the plinth. I said that did not worry me as it shows it has been loved and will look wonderful and aged in my garden. I laugh as I actually bought “aged” look for my garden. Usually I would have to wait years.
The weather was perfect. Blue skies, sunny and cool. Could not get any better than this. I used today to fix those areas of the garden that needed some extra tender loving care. I even got to enjoy a cup of tea with some homemade cinnamon tea cake. Nick and I sat outside enjoying the weather too. Nick had been busy preparing his baguette dough. I cant wait till he cooks them tomorrow. Could it get any better than this?
I finished my day with some baking. I made some jelly gems for Nick. We will enjoy these for afternoon tea tomorrow after some more gardening.




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