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Winter days

08 Jun 2012
Cloudy 13°C / 55°F

We’ve had a few absolutely perfect winter days this week. Today, admittedly, is grey and overcast. And cold. But the last few days have been cool, but sunny, just perfect for working outside.

Having done virtually nothing outside for months I have a long list of things that need doing. I thought I’d start at the very front of the garden and work my way through. (This industry may grind to a halt now that Euro 2012 has begun.) I cleared the soursobs away from the patch where I grew my sunflowers over the summer and re-laid the terracotta edging. I couldn’t face digging up the bricks and re-laying them as well, so it’s all still quite uneven, but doesn’t that just add character?

I planted out about 30 pansies between the edging and the strawberries (and soursobs) you can see behind – that’s next on the list. Judging by how root-bound the seedlings were I have left this far too late, so I’ll be interested to see how many plants survive. And I’m interested to see if the two beer traps I put out have any effect on the snails and slugs.

In the back yard we are just beginning to pick oranges. Historically our tree has given us quite good harvests, but two or three years ago all the flowers fell and we didn’t get a single orange. Last year we got a few and this year there’s a bumper crop. I have no idea what happened.

And finally the rabbits aren’t taking advantage of the beautiful winter sunshine; instead they’re each hiding underneath their own bush. I can understand it in summer, but not at this time of year. Get some sun on you, girls!



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