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Jonquils and mushrooms

05 Jun 2012
Sunny 16°C / 61°F

I always think of daffodils and jonquils as heralding the onset of Spring; probably from years of reading about February daffodil harvests in pouring rain atop Cornish cliffs in the Minack Chronicles books. And I know they always appear earlier than that in Adelaide, and jonquils appear before daffodils, but this first jonquil appeared in May! In Autumn! Surely that’s taking a liberty?

We’ve had some very strange weather in Adelaide, recently; that’s probably confused it. Freezing cold days, soaking storms and then lovely sunny days like today. And it’s in a pot, so the soil temperature is probably more changeable too. So I don’t think Spring has arrived just yet.

Our front lawn (or more accurately the wasteland in front of our house that has a patchy covering of grass) is giving us a magnificent crop of mushrooms. Unfortunately I am terrified of eating mushrooms that don’t come from a shop. I don’t quite need them to be shrink-wrapped to a foam tray, but I do like to pick them out of a clearly labeled tub. So even if Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s foraging mate John assured me they were fine I would still probably throw them away.

I like the idea of foraging for wild food, but my efforts have so far been limited to finding big tasty weeds when I’m out walking, something that I think our rabbits would love. And then every time my wife says, ‘How do you know that hasn’t been poisoned?’ so every time I thrown them in the bin too. I’d say, ‘Poor bunnies,’ but we have more than enough weeds for them in our garden.



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