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State of the Garden -- June 2012

03 Jun 2012
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Trying to show a little self reflection, I am taking stock of my garden up to this point in the year.

I am the happiest about the following items. 1) I love how my purple cone flowers are blooming, growing and last forever. 2) Although I have used a lot of compost and covered all my beds with 1-2" of un-screened compost I have never run out this year. I have also gotten great heat on all three piles I built this year. My new source for Horse Manure should keep this streak going. 3) I am humbled a family of Robins chose to start a family under my deck. 4) I successfully sowed Sweet William in the fall and was rewarded with a nice display this year. (Note to Self) I need to research self sowing Sweet William. 5) Even surviving a Deer Attack, my tomatoes are doing great. I have nice size fruit on my Cherokee Purples and Early Girls.

What are you happiest about so far this year?



Good going! I am most happy about getting all the frames for my vegetable beds built and finished this year. No more rototilling the whole thing, pulling out the same old stones, and raking it into too many raised beds … and the weeding is sooooo much easier!!!

Posted on 04 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

I am most happy about how much time I’ve ‘allowed’ myself to spend in the perennial beds because they show my effort.
Glad your tomatoes overcame being a snack for deer.

Posted on 05 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

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