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Morning Glories

03 Jun 2012
Cloudy 22°C / 72°F

Noticed that my 2 out of 8 of my morning glories are starting to wilt… so it was time to repot them. i even stuck some stakes in for the vines to grow upward.. the two that are dying i’m still trying to save, they’re in their own little pot, hope the roots are strong enough.,.

then i noticed my wheatgrass, omg, it was growing sooo fast.. and i just planted it last week.. what was it 4 days ago? it looks wonderful..

my two red cherry tomatoes have been cut, washed and ready for me and my hubs to eat.. the fruits of my labor… i’m so proud..the first thing i get to eat in all my efforts..

notice some slime trails in my patio dirt today.. that’s a no no… must get out the snail bait…




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