Seed Swaps

We're up and running

03 Jun 2012
Sunny 16°C / 61°F

My first bed is set up, gridded and has radishes in one section and elephant garlic in another.

Last year’s radishes(Sparkler) were very…healthy. From the ground up. Masses and masses of foliage, but nothing plumped underneath. This year I’m trying a different variety, French Breakfast, and am using Yates Dynamic Lifter+ for root vegetables, which I’ve been recommended as brilliant. I’m tempted to plant another square at the other end with the same crop but without this fertiliser and see what, if any difference there is. But realistically I can’t eat that many radishes all ready at once!

The Beetroot are up, much better germination rate than I thought. I’m really bad at assuming things won’t sprout well so I sow plenty, then they ALL come up :D. The swedes are also up, and the perpetual silverbeet is juuust starting to break the soil.

Even though it’s winter, I have these tiny white flying insects on my leaf lettuces and the cape gooseberry bush. Another(hardy) variety of aphids, I assume. I’ve sprayed the affected plants with a spray of garlic & detergent in water. Hopefully I can deal to them before they take over.




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