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Pinto beans now sprouting

01 Jun 2012
Cloudy 12°C / 54°F

The Pinto beans I sowed in the allotment a few days ago are now sprouting! I find it almost incredible just how fast these beans grow! For that matter beans in general! These beans only grow about a metre high so don’t need canes like runner beans. I found I could put a cane at each end of the row, tie some string from one cane to the other & then tie a piece of string around the base of each plant & then tie it up to the string above. I then twist the plant, from time to time, around the string & they grow very well. It keeps them off the ground, especially when they are heavy with the seedpods.

My wife & I eat a lot of these beans during the winter in a kind of soup with Spanish Chorizo (a type of spiced sausage) with onion & some spices. In Spain we used to make them much more tasty with a ham bone & very cured dried ham. But these ingredients are extremely expensive & not easy to acquire in the UK.




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