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Transplants from the woods

02 Jun 2012
Rainy 24°C / 75°F

Went to the small strip of woodland at the back of the property, looking for ferns…sadly, only found a couple of tiny maidenhair ferns, but I decided to take one & hope for the best. I was pleasantly surprised to find an enormous patch of lamium spreading out over at least half of the woodland floor, so took three robust specimens, and an arisaema.

They’re now in their new home, the shade garden at the upper edge of the property, under the trees. I dug about 15 gallons of humus from an old slash pile & loaded them up with it, so it would feel like home. :-)




I didn’t think of foraging in the woods for more shade plants. I set a task for next spring – I’s like some trilliums, and I could go looking in the woods next to the municipal sewage treatment plant – I know that sound odd, but it’s a sort of “public” patch of woods where there is an informal yard waste composting pile. I don’t think I would be poaching too badly.

Posted on 09 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

I think it’s probably ok, as long as you don’t accidentally pick up something protected/endangered… I know in other parts of the country, people have to watch out for pink ladyslipper orchids, since they’re wild.

Posted on 10 Jun 12 (almost 4 years ago)

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