Seed Swaps

Day 54 -- Update on Status of each bucket

01 Jun 2012
Storms 31°C / 88°F

Bucket 1 — Leaves large in size and spread out on strong thick stems. Roughly X stems growing from the bucket. The bottom leaves are starting to turn a lime green color; top leaves still dark green. It has flowered and dropped them.

Bucket 2 — Was a very healthy plant two weeks ago. Since then, it appeared to have burned leaves from too much full sun. Maybe a little water on the leaf causing a magnifing effect and really burning the leaf. I pinch off the damaged area and I do see new growth. But compared to B1, 50% less foliage.

Bucket 3 — Strong and healthy like B1, but much smaller. Currently two thick dark green stalks. Like B1 and B2, it has flowered and dropped the flowers.

ETA to maturity is 80 days so we still have a while to go. I am interested to compare harvest tally in the end.




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