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Perennial Defined

31 May 2012
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I just realized this year that in hortaculture the word “perennial” does not mean for-ever-and-ever but something like “lives longer than an annual” or “lives at least 2 years.” Here’s a useful list that’s a bit misleading since many of the short-lived ones spread and take on new life. Or so it seems to me today. So much to learn….




Folia Helper

United States5b

Iowa State University is my go-to when it comes to gardening. Well, that and my daughter graduated this year from their college of Landscape Architecture. But for all her book-learning, nothing educates you like a few years actually IN the garden.

Posted on 01 Jun 12 (over 3 years ago)

Congratulations on having a landscape architect for free consults!! And, oh, yes, nature can be a rigorous teacher.

Posted on 04 Jun 12 (over 3 years ago)

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