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Community Garden Update: Spring is Here!

31 May 2012
Sunny 32°C / 90°F

My Community Garden is exploding with color! My plots are progressing. I have two bean towers (Kentucky Wonder and Santa Maria Pinquito) and new pototo trenches my nice Husband dug for me. I have decided to add another bean tower and grow pinto beans. I have tasted garden grown pinto beans and they taste so much better than the store bought ones. I am going to plant Yukon Gold that have been chitting for two months on my garden window. Going to direct sow the summer squash seeds this weekend. I have about 7 varieties of summer squash. I have my tomatoes (8 varieties) and sweet and hot peppers (6 varieties) seedlings that will need 1 month more until I can plant outside. I am waiting for my watermelon seeds (cream of saskatchewan (white variety and a yelllow variety) to arrive in the mail. I am also sowing my cantaloupe and honey dew seeds. My perfect husband contructed me a a-frame trellis (6′ × 3′) for my cantaloupe and honey dew. He will contruct two more for my watermelons and climbing summer squash. He is soooo perfect! I am so excited!



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