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Harvest coming

29 May 2012
Cloudy 20°C / 68°F

After the hard work of last week, this week was a bit more relaxing. Although it was very sunny and warm suddenly, so I had to water the plants every day (sometimes more than once).

Things seems to be going well, and the first crops are moving towards harvest. We’ve been picking strawberries from plants growing in bags of potting soil for some time (every evening a small amount), and yesterday the first true “open field” strawberry was harvested. Yumm!

Also I was able to taste the first jaltomato. I’d never tasted this before, the berry is small but tastes nice. There’s plenty more hanging in the plants and slowly ripening. The aphid attack seems to be over, there are ladybugs everywhere now and the plants are looking nice and green again. I’m happy that I had the patience of not spraying and just waiting for the ladybugs to do the work!

The fennel that I’ve planted outside two weeks ago is completely eaten by the slugs. I’ve noticed though that the slug attack only started after I watered the small plants. The first couple of nights after I planted them there was no slug activity at all but once I watered them, they were completey eaten in one or two nights! Good to know this, perhaps I can apply this observation one time in the future to save my new youngplants!




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