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Regional growing differences

27 May 2012
Cloudy 17°C / 63°F

Due to the milder(ha-ha, mild? My city is known for it’s frosty, foggy winters) climate in New Zealand compared to much of the northern hemisphere, some vegetables that are strictly /spring/summer sowing in the UK, and most of the US, are winter, or year-round here. Or can only be grown undercover over there, where here they’re just grown outside(I understand capsicum are one of those?). It makes it a bit difficult to find relevant sowing/planting information online, and you can’t just change the dates by 6 months to get the right local time. It also means that weeds that stay relatively manageable over there go nutso in NZ. Some plants that are considered house or Cloche plants to be carefully tended in the Northern Hemisphere are pulled up on sight down here.

It’s very wet and actually fairly warm today. The newly sprouted radishes developed a bit of white fuzzy fur overnight. I hope the mold doesn’t affect the growth or kill them all. It’s on the sprouts, not the soil.



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