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Bring on the heavy machinary!!!

26 May 2012
Cloudy 21°C / 70°F

The spray organic spray i bought from HD doesn’t seem to be stopping holes from appearing on my leaves, although it does seem that it’s significantly less holes than before… and since i’m obessed with pruning the holed leaves, my tomato plant is nothing but a skeleton right now, my precious fruit, thank goodness is still untouched, i will have to hunt down this “BT” the killer of catepillars… it seems the last resort for me…

upon shopping yesterday, i purchased a sungold tomato plant,…i know i know, can’t even raise one, yet to buy another, couldn’t help myself.. don’t judge.. next in line was ruby lettuce for my honey, and lastly a fatali pepper.. i’m excited to see some sprouts from that…

visited my first armstrongs yesterday, man they’re pricey, but they have some good sh*t…. got myself an anthruium and a maidenhair fern which i’m looking forward to.. it looks so lovely and green in my dull little apaprtment… i’m still looking for shade tolerant plants… it looks like ferns are my best bet.. since my lily of the valley is being stubborn about sprouting….

still waiting for my chocolate habaneros to come in the mail….tick tock.. tick tock…

i’m seriously considering getting a colony of ladybugs… next paycheck for sure… found out that catepillars aren’t my only problem.. i have spider mites in my pumpkins… bring on the ladybugs!!!



Oh Jaxon… I’d call you an idiot but I would just be repeating myself. And I hate doing that.
Maiden hair need high humidty and high moisture, must never get too warm, and do much better in dank and cool. Arthuriums are pretty easy but hard to flower sometimes.
And a sungold tomato? Really? I think I may delete my Folia account and stop talking to you! And a skeleton tomato plant may die. Where is it making and getting its nutrients from? No leaves to make it! And with out nutrients how is it going to live? I keep telling you research but ya just don’t listen. I think I may wash my hands of you.
You call me mentor and friend but its all a waste of breath when you don’t listen!
Then again, some people learn from terrible mistakes (aka. me) so maybe you just need to need to hit cluster fuck before you learn.
Sigh. Sigh, sigh, sigh… Maybe I am just jealous of your disposable income. Bah humbug and a tapeworm.

Posted on 28 May 12 (almost 4 years ago)

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