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26 May 2012
Storms 27°C / 81°F

Challenges continue to line up as we move into the main planting season. For as much work as I put into feeding and caring for my plants, I feel like I’m constantly inundated with disease and pests.

Help me identify these problems if you can.

photo 1: RED RASPBERRIES random leaves yellowing in Latham and Heritage raspberries. So far damage is minimal. Plants were well pruned in late winter, no signs of blight or disease at that time. Training started in early spring, a few canes were damaged at the tips. This yellowing is noted at bloom time.

photo 2: strawberry leaf disease. Had anybody found a good way to control this? I can’t remember the name of it.

photo 3 and 4: Chlorosis leaves in valerian. Ignore the weed, I pulled it. Ideas on what is causing chlorosis? Several of my shrubs and trees are suffering from this. It’s most common in those that need a lower pH, but now even my plums and several perennial herbs are affected, as well as my burning bush (photo 4). Remedies?

photo 5: unidentified lesions on Willamette hops. There are some chew holes from an unidentified pest. It is too early for Japanese beetles. Note the deep lesions on the otherwise healthy and vigorously growing leaves. Hops have been fertilized with balanced water soluable fertilizer every 1-2 weeks since breaking dormancy. Received copper fungicidal spray in early spring.




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