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I did a stupid thing...

25 May 2012
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When I sowed my Radishes and Carrots…I accidentally labelled both as ‘Radish’. Now one of them has come up but I’m not sure which lol. I think it has to be the radish because it’s usually a quick germinater while the carrots take a couple of weeks. Once the true leaves form it’ll become clear.

I bought 4 elephant garlic cloves, which I plan to to plant in one sq ft segment. Last year I grew ordinary garlic, which grew well, considering that I planted it in September or October instead of June. This year I will plant the larger variety at the proper time, and should hopefully get a good yield.

Strawberry plants are starting to come into the stores, and I’m thinking I’ll get 3 or 4 and cover a couple of squares. That will leave 2 squares to start late-winter sows, and the carrots and radishes are short crops so those squares will also be available for late winter/early spring, or I could resow a new batch of the same vegetables.

I’ve been given a pot with pizza thyme, rosemary and oregano.The rosemary will undoubtedly need potted up at some point, but i’ll try to keep it small as space is limited.




Should be no problem. Radish seedlings and carrot seedlings look very different. Radishes come up quickly like typical brassicas with a pair of lobed leaves, while the carrot seedlings have feathery leaves, and, as you say, are fairly slow.

Posted on 26 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

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