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Transition has begun

23 May 2012
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The wildflower displays have been truly spectacular, but it’s bittersweet—like receiving a bouquet after you know the relationship is over. You enjoy the beauty, and while it tugs at your heartstrings, you have already moved on, emotionally if not yet physically.

I’m trying to drink it all in, as this magical place will always be part of me. (And if I take enough photos, I can paint it for posterity). It seems the first stage of our transition to our next farm has begun. It’s not the path of first choice, but a decent one that presented itself so together we’ll roll with it. Farmer Rick and I will make the most of our next adventure, which I’ll tell you more about next time.

I was getting our econo-car serviced in the city Tuesday, and happened to pick up the current Oprah magazine laying there about achieving your best life. Inside, it talked about creating a map of how to get where you want to go from where you are. The analogy likened the two places as islands, with everything in between subject to change, like moving water, pointing out that you will have to visit an archipelago of islands along the way. Ahoy!

For those of you celebrating Memorial Day, have a safe and wonderful holiday!



Gorgeous photos, as always! I’ll be watching for the next instalment of your adventure. Good luck!

Posted on 24 May 12 (almost 6 years ago)

Those wildflowers are wonderful! Even if ephemeral, and no longer on land that you plan to stay on, they must be a joy. Looking forwards to hearing about the next step.

Posted on 24 May 12 (almost 6 years ago)

Those wildflowers are carefully nutured garden flowers up here. Keep us abreast of your transition, I’ll be looking forward to the next installment.

Posted on 24 May 12 (almost 6 years ago)

Wow – the wildflowers are putting on a glorious show! Looking forward to reading about where you’ll be sailing next. :)

Posted on 24 May 12 (almost 6 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States7b

gorgeous pics – they would make wonderful paintings, especially that first one. Wishing you well with the next steps – exciting, bittersweet and scary all at once I’m sure!

Posted on 25 May 12 (almost 6 years ago)

The wildflowers are indeed spectacular. Such a lovely parting gift. All the best for the next stage of your life adventure.

Posted on 25 May 12 (almost 6 years ago)

Here is a piece of twisted logic that might make sense, especially if you like a certain kind of soulful country music.

You have many happy memories and proud successes in your place. You live in these moments, and are moved more than most to celebrate your good fortune in small things. But you have also endured fire, flood, drought, gunshots, injuries to the body and the grief of loss of animals and friends, not to mention cranky neighbors and professional disrespect. Because of the same instinct that is involved with Stockholm syndrome, the places where you have experienced the most pain are somehow compelling. Something about a psychic investment. Now the nostalgia of separation begins. But the more you are drawn to stay, the more you should resist.

For what comfort you can take from it, you are moving toward new challenges, and before long you will experience new kinds of pain in your new place, and so the bonding process will begin again. And of course the sweet victories that we all will celebrate with you, and that you are so good at appreciating. I wish you a long, sweet, peaceful adjustment in your new island, with just the smallest amount of the pain necessary to help you make it your home.

Posted on 25 May 12 (almost 6 years ago)

@halhurst You are brilliant—I do believe there’s a bit of the Stockholm syndrome going on! In particular, I have always been a person that identifies with a sense of place, and now realize I have been captive here for a while. While extricating ourselves will be a slow process, at least it has begun.

Posted on 26 May 12 (almost 6 years ago)


Folia Helper


Two thumbs up, (and a goofy grin) for Flowerweaver and Rick – it’s started, that’s great!

And hats off to halhurst, an interesting and thought provoking take on it.

FWIW. After 30+ years in the place we recently called home, and with the knowledge that when we hand over the keys it will be totally demolished and what was – will certainly be no-more, I’m a little surprised that I care so little.
I could hang around for the excavator to swing through the walls and trample the garden, but I won’t and it’s because I can’t even be bothered – nothing else. I’ve (we’ve) moved on.

It’s not that there are no good memories (quite the contrary) nor that it wasn’t important enough to rate (scoff! – the best years of our lives, and all our childrens, were spent there. Heck, the door frame with the kids height is their still). It’s more because it truly is the past, and with the move almost completed I realize that home is where the heart is (Gee, where have I heard that before? :-) and this heart ain’t in the past.

The things that make us have all been moved or are now present elsewhere. DW is at the block, the toasty warm fire, the bookcase, the lovely familiar cooking smells, the company – the ambiance that is ours. And if that’s not enough, it is where all the future plans (of which there are many) are centered. It’s the new origin.
The past was important and crucial to the shaping of the present, but beyond that, it is now just a memory and even a dim one at that.

And having drifted off in my canoe, I’ll come back to your island. :-) That’s a fantastic display and a far better placeholder than the dust bowl that it might have been – a good omen, if one is needed, or wanted. Either way, it’s a nice backdrop to start from.
As for the physical, may that be uneventful and happen sooner than you think! (and occur in a lot fewer trips ’n loads than ours!)

Posted on 27 May 12 (almost 6 years ago)

Here’s an article about the dropping water table in your neck of the woods, in case you doubt your own wisdom::

Posted on 29 May 12 (almost 6 years ago)

What a truly wonderful display of flowers, nature is hard to top. I have no advice on your move as I have yet to experience the same.Others before you have come through and I think Graibeard’s thoughts sum it up pretty well.

Posted on 03 Jun 12 (almost 6 years ago)

Really pretty

Posted on 03 Jun 12 (almost 6 years ago)


I’m eagerly awaiting to hear about the new farm!!!!!

Posted on 23 Jun 12 (almost 6 years ago)

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