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22 May 2012
Sunny 23°C / 73°F

Well, neither Gin nor Sage and Lemon Balm Tea worked (although the Gin was rather more fun!): It’s a glorious day, and I’m off work…Unfortunately I feel too poorly to enjoy it properly (although I AM better than yesterday)

One thing I’ve realised today is that this Garden has far fewer Slugs/Snails than any garden I’ve had previously. This realisation has been spurred by finding some Nematodes that I never got round to applying at the back of the fridge (a rather sad Iceberg Lettuce was hiding them from view). I’ve been peering at the various leafy green Veg and Salad this morning, to double check, and it’s astonishing how little nibbling has occurred! In fact the only thing that seems to have suffered is the Sunflowers (and 2 out of more than 30 isn’t bad at all!)

The other thing that I’ve realised, is that things just seem to be LATER this year (not entirely accounted for by being later putting certain things in). The Lilies are about a month behind, although they were cossetted in a Conservatory last time. The Alliums are tardy, and the Tulips have only just finished. The directly sown Veggies have taken an age to germinate, and are only now starting to get going (presumably because of that cold/wet snap in April and beginning of May). The Roses are also on go slow, with Munstead Wood being a good couple of weeks behind (although it seems it will make up for it by producing even more flowers than last time…

Don’t get me started on the Chillies! I’ll say it again (and I expect you lovely Folians to remind me) that itchy hands are NOT good! Earlier is not always better, even with lights (especially when your potting mix seems to misbehave: Too free draining, to hard to rewet, roots just not as happy getting established as in previous years). I can’t work out whether it’s the compost (New Horizon formula seems to have changed recently, with less white mould and more fine hairy black stuff), the grade of Verm/Perl (I’ve used coarser this year) or utterly over-compensating for lack of watering (i.e: Seriously under!). We do seem to be making some progress though, and I have hopes of at least a small harvest, but I can’t help be a little disappointed

AnyHoo! Enough of this whinging… I’m going to “inspect the Garden” (again): There are bees buzzing, I haven’t seen the Squirrel today, and the Robin chicks have hatched



Sounds as though you are on the mend and I’m glad to hear it. The weather certainly has been different this year. I guess even the plants are a bit confused!

Posted on 23 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

I sowed mine earlier this year but they have sulked for ages. Some are now pulling away but we are going to need this sun consistently for quite a while for them to catch up. Much more behind than last year. Some of the others I think will be a write off, though reluctant to dump them just yet.

Hope you are enjoying the sudden summer while you are off work – get well soon.

Posted on 23 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

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