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22 May 2012
Sunny 25°C / 77°F

So the honey tells me, you’re planting too much, there’s no room for the dogs to run around the patio…. a week later… he says.. you should plant some lettuce like our neighbors, so we’ll never have to buy anymore lettuce from the store….




so off to home depot on my day off… i really just meant to buy some red lettuce… but unfortunately, home depot’s selection of lettuce is very limited. they only have the mixed kind…they recommended i check out armstrongs… since my lazy ass is, well, lazy… i decided to purchase the two types of mixed greens and be done with it… at the same time… i fell prey and weakness into buying a green bellpepper plant additional to my red and yellow one.. along with a hot banana pepper, and something called a mexibell pepper… i honestly cannot keep track of how many peppers i’m growing right now.. i just know that when it’s time to harvest, my honey will have a happy day…..i’m also out of dirt.. the one thing i forgot to pick up at home depot… next trip…

my marigolds flowers seem to all have died, however some of the buds have not open let, and the stems are still green… i’m hoping it was nothing i did and it was just the normal shelf life of a marigold…since they were cheap, i didn’t really lament their lost, i didn’t want to get ride of them yet, so i decided to take them out fo the their pots and plant them directly into the patio ground… hopefully my dogs wont trample directly on them… i mainly bought them to keep bugs away because i read somewhere that insects dislike the smell of marigolds… (not true, btw) maybe just certain bugs…

in other news… i’m decided whether or not to buy a colonly of ladybugs for my aphids attack on my peppers.. although the neem oil that Empress gave me seems to be doing a nice job at keeping bugs away, so maybe i’ll hold off on that for now…

I’m currently waiting for my mail to come it.. why? because due to my insect problem, i have decided to grow some carnivorous plants, hoping they’ll keep the insect population down… how i’m going to do this, i have no idea, i hope they’ll grow and manage to stay alive…

i also bought some chocolate habaneros and blue vine wisteria which i will be sharing with the Empress… sooo.. can’t wait for mail to arrive…!!! Yay!!!



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