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21 May 2012
Rainy 23°C / 73°F

Lots going on in the gardens. My goal this year is to really whip them into shape from the disaster that they have become because of not being able to spend the time in them that they need, This year I have more time and so they are not going to just get the bare necessities to keep them limping along.
Of course now I don’t quite have the stamina of a few years ago, but that is okay. I will just keep plugging along. Over the weekend, DH helped me cut down a tree that had grown up in the middle of an old Rose of Sharon. They both went actually as the RoS looked really bad and I think it was starting to go anyway. After cutting them down, I hammered a piece of copper pipe into the stumps to kill the roots before attempting to dig them out. I really hate how bare it looks now. There is another RoS right beside the bare spot, but it still seems ‘naked’. when I look there. This is along the back fence, at the back of the garden. I hope to put in a row of butterfly bushes (maybe four) across there now We also cut down the huge butterfly bush that had not been cut down properly in about four years—again just neglect—poor thing was basically dead except for a random leaf at the top of a couple of very tall branches. Haven’t dug out the root yet. Today is much cooler than it was over the weekend so it may come out today if it isn’t too wet and rainy. There is just a fine misty rain right now.
Lots of weeding done and still lots to do.I hope to have the gardens ready enough to be able to plant the new plants that are coming in our annual swap that we are having on June second. I have most of the plants that I am swapping, potted up. Still have to do the iris but they are blooming right now, so I will wait on those, and I still have to pot up a couple of pots of pink lily of the valley.
Well I need to get out there while it is still nice and fresh. It could get hotter than expected and then I know for sure I will really slow down.

Not a pic of the garden today, but one of my girls. Her name is Kismet, but we call her Kizzy. She is getting on in years and hasn’t been doing very well lately. :-(





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United States5b

Sorry Kizzy isn’t feeling well — we have an older black lab that has slowed down considerably but still gives us lots of love.

Posted on 22 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

Kizzy is beautiful. I hope that she is feeling better soon (: I wish that we could turn back the clock to puppyhood for our 15 year old fella & give him back non-sore hips. I hope you had a good long weekend!

Posted on 22 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

Mamabluestem and nickyn, Kizzy is such a big goofy sweetheart and it breaks my heart to see her failing. She was diagnosed with heart failure and we have been giving her medication to help her along, but I think it seems that it is not working the way it should any more. She has also developed a suspicious lump. We are struggling with what to do….medical intervention or let her go peacefully. We lost one of our other greyhounds (FTK Zelda) a few years back to osteosarcoma and I won’t put another pet through what she went through, just because I couldn’t decide when the right time was to let her go. Every time I think I know what is best, she looks at me with a goofy look on her face and I think “oh no not yet”

Kizzy came into our lives just as she turned five, and she will be 12 in September. It sure would be great if we could keep them young and healthy forever! :-) Her ‘older’ half sister D.V.’s Stepnoski (aka Scarlett) just turned 12 on May 19th and seems healthy.

Posted on 22 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

awww my prayers are with you all ……I do hope Kizzy does find her strength again …..My animals are my family…. every last one and I know how hard it can be to watch them hurt ……She is absolutely beautiful and no matter what happens I know in my heart you did what you thought was best for Zelda it is okay to hold onto hope….please don’t be hard on yourself for that …… always remember they won the lottery the day they found you ….

Posted on 23 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

Thank you cuylarmntherbs,

Posted on 23 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

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