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Busy Weekend in the Growing Corner!

22 May 2012
Sunny 24°C / 75°F

Busy weekend in the garden and although the weather was dry it still felt cold for this time of year, which is very different from the warm weather now!

The potato sacks are now filled and leaves are sprouting out of the top, but all are taking their time this year! This time last year I had a good foot of foliage above the sack tops already.

The Dwarf French beans are hardened off and planted in the raised bed, along with a row of seeds sown directly into the soil. So hopefully the staggered approach should keep us in beans for a while.

The remaining strawberries in the damaged planter are flowering and I counted 20 buds already, which is amazing as the winds in early May knocked this plant over and it was laying in bits on the lawn! So re-potting it again didn’t seem to hurt it at all!

The Mangetout and peas are coming along and growing nicely in the current warm weather and I’ve now put the bamboo canes for support in place for them to start climbing up.




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