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19 May 2012
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Ok, unimaginative I know, but it’s the logical counterpoint to my previous post. I haven’t been religious about updating Folia recently so time for a mile of pilestones… or something like that.

First, the raspberries; all are coming along well, with two out of three varieties already putting up new canes. The Glen Fyne are lagging behind slightly, but there are signs of life so I’m quietly optimistic. The raspberries have been weeded a couple of times already, and top-dressed with another helping of chipped sulphur to lower soil pH and a dose of a potato & fruit fertiliser as well.

The strawberries are also generally doing fine, though one or two have been lost and the remainder are (or were) threatened by encroaching weeds. I’ve now weeded two beds out of three and will finish the job shortly, probably tomorrow. The strawberries have also been given another generous helping of chipped sulphur and a watering with a liquid strawberry fertiliser.

The other brambles – a blackberry and a tayberry – are growing more slowly than I would have anticipated, but there are some signs of growth so all is not lost. I have still not planted out the boysenberry because I’ve still not really worked out what I want to do with it, but it’s still OK in its pot for now. So, that’s the fruits.

Now for the hardest part – working out what’s missing in action, forgotten, or not yet thought about…






Folia Helper

United Kingdom8b

The result of good thinking and hard work. Glad to hear it. :)

Posted on 20 May 12 (about 7 years ago)

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