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Alberto and Alberta, plus a couple of Wedgetail eagles.

18 May 2012
Rainy 13°C / 55°F

While we might still be moving house, life goes on for the girls (chooks).

There are now 2 new ones – Alberto and Alberta. Where did these come from? and are they related?

Bantams tend to go clucky at the first hint of warm weather and these girls must have felt warm on more than one occasion! Brother Broc was long gone however so no matter how long the girls sat on their clutch of eggs, nothing bar a miracle, or some human intervention, was going to change the outcome.
We were eventually able to source some eggs (how hard can it be in the country? Harder than it should be apparently!) and swap out the non-fertile eggs for some fertile ones. The time lapse between sourcing those eggs and doing the deed was too long for Bocking 14 however and she hopped off and left them to go cold. We didn’t get to them until 2 days later (we were still moving) so they were very cold and presumably lifeless! With all the effort to get the eggs, and because nothing ventured, nothing gained we decided to see just how hardy, or fragile hatching eggs really is. No sign of Igor, but I still have the incubator.

Another day to travel back and get (find!) all the incubator bibs ‘n bobs, plus remember how to assemble them (where’s an Igor when you need one!). So 3 days out of action, add a week more for the process to complete and what happens? Nothing. Another 3 days though and Viola – one hatches. Sadly that’s all, most were infertile as it turns out although one other might have made the distance if mum had kept her bum in place.

Odds are that it has to be a rooster yes? We’ll name him Alberto.
It seems that it’s not a rooster at all, Alberto becomes Alberta.

Now, we need, want, must have a rooster. Where to get one?

Apparently we can have our pick of roosters, if we can get our act together and fetch him. After several weeks of missed rendezvous – here he his – Captain Alberto, giving us the stink eye as he wonders where the ladiez have all gone.
DW introduced him to the girls (now ladiez) a couple of days ago, Henny Penny immediately went and gave him sass. Picture a small bantam (Henny Penny) and this (Captain Alberto), a full size bird. She has to jump to even attempt to peck him! Comical :-)
Two days later and every one seems to be getting on just fine.

  1. Alberto (Captain Alberto)
  2. Alberto, acting all regal like.
  3. Alberta, the sole hatching.
  4. The last two photos. The Wedge Tail Eagles are back in the area. I saw 4 of them last weekend, then two of them on this Saturday – cruising the thermals over the property (Messmate Farm). Beautiful!




Ahhh, the flock growth has begun! The Captain has big legs, reminding me of our late Sumo. Hopefully he is gentle with the ladiez of such petite size. But if HP is giving him sass, perhaps all things are fine. At least you got Alberta. I only had two fertiles out of 14 in my last incubator run. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but I think my the contraption may be running hotter than usual.

Posted on 19 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

Alberto is such a handsome fellow!

Posted on 19 May 12 (about 4 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States7b

I agree with HollyBee – Captain Alberto is quite a looker!

Posted on 21 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

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