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Cross-Country Nursery Tomato Plants for 2012

18 May 2012
Sunny 22°C / 72°F

In an accidental switch, they sent my order for San Marzano and Super San Marzano to a customer in Illinois and that Illinois order to me. They will be sending me my order today. But I’ve ended up with 5 plants I didn’t plan on…

did not plant wild cherry or sioux; paste died quickly before planting; as of june 12 the limmony was strong

1. wild cherry… I tried that one last year and had lots of little toms that didn’t have much flavor. I would probably throw it out but I fear I got the labels mixed so I’m going to have to grow it a bit to see which is which.

2. Sioux: sounds like it is meant for the US Midwest. I hope our SE summer isn’t too bit a shock for its genetic heritage. Does sound tasty: [ Medium Globe; matures red; Regular Leaf; Mid Season; heirloom; rich flavor; Uses: Fresh Salsas, Prolific; Indeterminate; L.lycopersicum.]

3. Limmony: Generally, I don’t order beefsteak types because they don’t do well in cages… the heavy fruit needs more support. But I’ll try to give it a happy home here. [ Large Beefsteak; matures bright yellow; Regular Leaf; Mid Season; heirloom; tangy acid flavor; from Russia; Uses: Fresh Salsas, Prolific, Slicing; Indeterminate; L.lycopersicum. ]

4. Super Italian Paste: sounds right for me, maybe this experiment will lead to a new delight for cooking: [Medium Elongated Pear/Plum; matures orange red; Thin Leaf; Mid Season; heirloom; meaty; from Italy; Uses: Canning/Processing, Sauces, Paste; Indeterminate; L.lycopersicum.]




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