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Mushrooms invading my garden!!! Help!!!!

16 May 2012
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Alright, I’m pretty flexible, i see one or two, i’ll yank them out, no problems, but when you’ve been working for three days and come back to a mushroom that’s 4 inches tall that you haven’t notice, in addition to other small ones that have grown in various pots, that’s entirely a different thing!!!!!

i’m new to this gardening, so in the past couple of months, i have delt with the fear of bugs, snails, aphids, etc… (which previously freaked me out).. but then these strange alien, fast-growing, fungus is invading my garden.. i need help, what do i do?

i know not to eat it, but pulling them out seems to be a loosing battle with me… i have dogs, i’m hoping they won’t be interested in the taste!




The mushrooms are just the fruting body, so yanking them does nothing. The main part of the plant is the mycelium—a threadlike network in the soil. In many cases this is synergistic with other plants and there is no reason to try and do anything about it. In some cases when growing on trees the mushroom can indicate that the tree is sick, and then also there is nothing to do about it. Since they fruit in the wet season all you have to do is wait for summer and then you should have a lot less. If you are watering the mushrooms may be indicating that you are overdoing it. I doubt your dogs will poison themselves.

The creatures and the other lifeforms that pop up in your garden are an unavoidable part of nature, showing that you have a healthy garden that has not been dosed with poison, and it is very unlikely that any of them will hurt you or kill your plants.

Posted on 18 May 12 (about 4 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5b

So true, anelson!
As you get a bit more time under your ‘gardening belt’, Jaxxie, I’m sure you’ll relax, mutter a bit, deal with what you can and shrug the rest off. (If you can get a visual on that process, you’ll know how most of my gardening day goes! Neighbors think I have a nervous tick. LOL ;) As anelson says, try a bit less water and that will probably help. My dog has never taken a liking to mushrooms, either. I think somehow they mostly know what will make them sick.

Posted on 18 May 12 (about 4 years ago)

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