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Adventures in absentee gardening

17 May 2012
Sunny 21°C / 70°F

With a lot of help from my wife, I’ve gotten a garden going this year. But I’ve realized that I’m facing a tricky problem in that I’m going to be away for extended periods. I was visiting my family in Oregon in April and due to my step-son’s neglect many of my seed starts died. Last week we had to house/dog sit for my in-laws while they were travelling, and I wasn’t able to get some further seeds started. I will be in Oregon again with my family for nearly a month in late Jul to early Aug. And it’s likely that we’ll go up to my in-laws house in Maine a couple times during the summer.

Clearly, I need an automated watering solution for both my seed starts and the garden itself. Suggestions (especially cheap ones) are welcome.



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